Cortney (cshoo) wrote in bakingbuds,

help on 2 things

I have volunteered to make some things for a little 3 y/o girl's is cupcakes (pink in color) to take to her daycare/school...i want to do something cute on top-i figure i'll use a box cherry mix and make homemade frosting, and then decorate them somehow (piping, etc)
the other thing is the birthday cake for the party...her mom is obsessed with fondant and insists it have fondant (she's never had it or seen it in person-although plenty of people have told her it's gross and a pain) i, however, would like to do something really girly and cute...

here's the problem-i'm not very creative in thinking of ideas...i like to see a picture and duplicate-or hear an idea and try it out

any ideas of what i could do?? TIA!
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