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Forest Cake!


My dear friend deedeebythebay's youngest had her birthday today, and I was asked to make the cake.

(Click on any photo to see the whole set, which shows the entire process of making this cake!)

1cricketsong requested a "rain forest" cake, with frogs, snakes, and crickets. Well, the crickets didn't make it, and the forest didn't turn out to be entirely like a rain forest, but ... it's still pretty darned cool, I think!


The birthday girl's first look at the cake:


The cake itself is half vanilla, and half chocolate.


It's covered first in a layer of vanilla buttercream, and then decorated/covered in chocolate buttercream vines/forest floor. The green on the floor is buttercream.


The trees trunks are lace cookies that I made. The palm fronds are sour apple strips/leather, cut into shape with a pair of scissors. The leaves on the sides of the cake are royal icing, and the border along the bottom is green buttercream (vanilla).


The frogs are royal icing, as are the snakes.


The water is homemade marshmallow fondant, colored blue, and marbled. It was then painted with piping gel mixed with a VERY small amount of silver lustre dust. The gel that got too much of the dust turned out to be great for the white water, where there was a need to show movement/motion in the water (under the falls, etc.)


The nearly universal response to this cake was "Oh my GOD!" I'm pretty tickled by how it came out, especially the water! This was a very fun cake to do :)

(BWaaa haaa haaa ... I forgot that the spell-checker wants to change "cakeity" to "deity" ;) That just makes me laugh!)

Happy new year, everyone!
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What an amazing cake!!
Thanks! It was fun to make :)
I am very, very impressed by this. Do you have a baking and pastry arts certificate or degree? I would only imagine you are a CIA graduate or you have a lot of talent.

Are you selling these cakes at a bakery, too? Because if you're not, you're missing out on some big money!