Gabrielle Lichterman (28days_thebook) wrote in bakingbuds,
Gabrielle Lichterman

Submit your favorite original noodle recipe -- xposted

March is National Noodle Month!

The editors at Four Weeks Magazine (, the new monthly online magazine tailored to each week of a woman's cycle, want to celebrate National Noodle Month by selecting seven original noodle recipes from amateur chefs to appear in the food department of our March 2007 issue.

What we're looking for:

* Amateur chefs -- no professional food preparers.

* One recipe using any kind of noodle.

* The noodle recipe can be for anything -- an appetizer, soup, entree or dessert.

* The recipe must be your original recipe (or your family's), easy to prepare, made from obtainable ingredients and, of course, delicious.

Photos and a brief story about how you came up with the recipe are encouraged. It's okay if your recipe has appeared or currently appears elsewhere.

We'll be basing our selections on originality and ease of preparation. The top seven recipes will be featured in the March 2007 issue along with the recipe creator's name and photo. A link to your food blog will also be included if you have one.

If you want your favorite noodle recipe to appear in Four Weeks Magazine, send your recipe to editors[at] We'll let you know if your recipe has been chosen!

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