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Global Caking!

(Click through to Flickr for an entire set of the whole making of the cake, plus notes, comments, etc. of the process.)

Some of you may know mactavish, and know what a geography/planet geek she is. I consider her one of my very good friends, and I've been thinking of this birthday cake for her since last November. (Thanks eriktrips, for the idea!)


How perfect was my plan for mactavish? Let me share a few (slightly edited for brevity) online conversations from yesterday:

me: think she'll hate it? [two preview links for the cake, not on flickr, so mactavish didn't stumble on them]
cjsmith: OH! EM! GEE!
cjsmith: I absolutely ADORE IT!
cjsmith: That is soooooooooooo Mary!
cjsmith: I like how the continents on this one are smoother (fondant?) and the oceans are "wavy" (buttercream?).
me: yeah (marzipan, but same idea)
cjsmith: OOOOOOOOOOOOO even better.
cjsmith: I adore marzipan.
me: so does mary ...
cjsmith: Mmmm, I want to nibble all of Australia. (That sounds dirty!)


me: and for the record, Eurasia SUCKS as a shape
deedeebythebay: Why are you making a cake in the shape of Euroasia?
me: I'm making a globe
me: and Eurasia insists on being on it
deedeebythebay: A globe cake or a globe?
me: globe cake
deedeebythebay: Is there a particular occasion for this concoction?
me: mary's bday
me: kinda perfect, huh?
deedeebythebay: Absolutely!


me: think she'll hate it? [two preview links for the cake, not on flickr, so mactavish didn't stumble on them]
deyo: Oh, that is fucking spectacular. :)


tenacious_snail: I love australia
me: I have Australia in my fridge!~
me: and yay - you can tell it's australia ;)
tenacious_snail: that is great
tenacious_snail: I like the stars (they are stars, right?
tenacious_snail: the earth in the sky?
me: lol, yup
tenacious_snail: what flavors?
me: globe is lemon and ginger
me: the universe is half chocolate with vanilla buttercream and raspberry filling, and half vanilla with meyer lemon curd (and vanilla buttercream)
tenacious_snail: wow, that is great for Mary
me: yup
tenacious_snail: I would love a lemon and ginger world

The globe was lemon cake with crystallized ginger bits, with vanilla-ginger buttercream. The base cake, on the dark side of the earth, was chocolate with vanilla buttercream and organic raspberry filling, and on the light side of the earth, it was vanilla with lemon curd made from zpdiduda's backyard lemons. There wasn't really a dark and light side, that's just my cute way of saying it was half and half.

Seems to me that she liked it!


I call this picture "Intelligent Design" ... And I bet you thought all that stuff about concentric layers of various materials, mantle, cores, etc. was the real thing. HA! Cake and frosting, baby! THAT'S intelligent design!


mactavish posted some of her own pics over here, too. I think her camera really got the colors well in the close up one.
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