killing_rose (killing_rose) wrote in bakingbuds,

Gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free recipes?

I play with a variety of recipes--fat-free, traditional, vegetarian, etc. When it's just me, or the sibling, or even the childhood friends, it's not necessarily required to stick to one or another.

But at college? Cooking at college is different. Because half my friends or people I'm cooking for don't eat gluten, or they're vegan, or they're vegetarian, or they're just incredibly fussy. (Or hey, sometimes it's all of the above!) 

And I'm cooking a dinner and then a dessert and snack on Sunday. I have to go buy groceries tomorrow.

If anyone can think of dessert recipes (or other recipes, but I'm stuck on desserts) that fit any of the above categories, I'd probably love you forever.

I've got a couple pulled out already, but going into a dinner and dessert situation with unknown or barely tested recipes is not my favorite place to be.

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