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recipe request

Hi there, bakers!
My name is Efrat and I'm from Israel. On our anniversary, my bf took me to a fancy restaurant. I had lemon meringue pie for desert-first time in Israel. Usually they like to serve here all kinds of chocolate deserts (not that I'm complaining). The pie was amazing, and my bf became intrigued. I told him I think I can make one for him. Now I'm looking for a simple recipe for the pie (it has to be with meringue!), and I was hoping you'd help me. I have a crust recipe from Jennifer Mccan's Vegan Lunch Box (I'm vegetarian), but I'd love to consult you guys if you have any simpler alternatives. Also it's important for me to have basic ingredients-here in israel we have of course things like baking powder and vanilla extract, but not store-bought frosting and the like. I come from a much simpler baking tradition, so I'd really appreciate it if you adjust.
Thanks in advance!!!
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